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Brake Blocks for Drawworks

EVDANCO OGC SRL offers a wide range of brake blocks such as chrysotile oilfield brake blocks and non asbestos oilfield brake blocks especially designed for all known drawworks brands as well as customized models that can be installed on drilling and workover rigs.

Oilfield brake blocks for drawworks

Oilfield brake blocks for drawworks

The blocks are manufactured with special fabrics of uniform density and friction surfaces that adapt precisely to the shape of brake drums. The blocks are manufactured with fiberglass yarns mixed with synthetic and natural fibers, according to specific technical requirements. The yarns contain copper or brass metallic inserts that ensure efficient dissipation of heat. The woven are impregnated with special resins, and processed appropriately to ensure continuing and stable friction under low and high temperatures. The sets of blocks include non-asbestos wiper blocks, retaining screws and sealing plugs.

EVDANCO brake blocksEVDANCO brake pads for draworks

Brake blocks are mainly used in oil industry services. They equip the brake bands of the drawworks, air clutches of the different transmissions of the drilling rigs and other wellhead equipment.

Brake block screws

Brake block screws
Our Brass flat-head screws have a 120° beveled face that seats in the counter-bore of the block and holds it securely against the band. Lock nuts are recommended for mounting brake blocks, they hold securely and will not back off.

Brakes blocks plugs

Brakes blocks plugs
Protect the brake rims by filling the screw holes on the brake blocks. Plugs provide a uniform braking surface, increased friction area, eliminate uneven wear on the rims and avoid abrasive particles and dirt lodging in the screw holes.
Wiper blocks (optional)

Are molded blocks mounted at the dead end of the brake band. Provide a non-abrasive scouring and polishing action on the brake flange. Prevent lodging of metal particles in the other blocks and promote a better wear pattern.

manufacturer of brake pads for drawworks

We manufacture brake pads for drawworks of all sizes and brands. Having our own production line allows us to create brake pads according to any drawings. With the help of our own warehouse, we are able to maintain a warehouse stock of brake pads for drilling winches and conveyors.

The EVDANCO-ENERGY team of specialists will help you choose the necessary brake pads and provide advice on installation and operation.

You can contact us for the selection of brake pads by indicating only the name of your equipment, or by providing drawings, if you have non-standard equipment.

Our catalog contains the main dimensions of brake pads from world manufacturers of drilling rigs.

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