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BDW Model 450-T Drawworks Break Blocks

Break Blocks for BDW Model 450-T Drawworks

Cat. №CharacteristicsValue
EVD001-001B.D.W. 450T8" x 1" x 12"

Break blocks for BDW Model 450-T Drawworks, 450 Input HP with Mechanical Transmission (Inline Skid Unitized with Compound) (4,000-7,000 Ft. Drilling Range).

Our team manufacture lots of replacement parts for BDW drawworks.

What material are BDW 450-T drawworks brake pads made of?

Chrysotile brake blocks and non asbestos brake blocks especially designed for BDW 450-T drawworks.

BDW 450-T drawworks brake blocks are manufactured with special fabrics of uniform density and friction surfaces that adapt precisely to the shape of brake drums.

Manufactured with fiberglass yarns mixed with synthetic and natural fibers, according to specific technical requirements. The yarns contain copper or brass metallic inserts that ensure efficient dissipation of heat. The woven are impregnated with special resins, and processed appropriately to ensure continuing and stable friction under low and high temperatures.

What is included in the package of delivery of BDW 450-T drawworks brake blocks?

Each set of pads includes screws, plugs and wiper blocks (optional).

We manufacture brake pads for drawworks of all sizes and brands. Having our own production line allows us to create brake pads according to any drawings. With the help of our own warehouse, we are able to maintain a warehouse stock of brake pads for drilling winches and conveyors.

The EVDANCO-ENERGY team of specialists will help you choose the necessary brake pads and provide advice on installation and operation.

How to order Break Blocks for BDW Model 450-T Drawworks

BDW Model 450-T Drawworks Break Blocks Order

The first column of the table shows the size of the brake pads for BDW Model 450-T drawworks. Brake pad sizes are in inches. Dimensions have three parameters: length, height and thickness. The second column shows the manufacturer's recommended number of pads for the brake unit. The third bar shows the size of the screws required. Screw sizes are in inches. The screws are included with the brake pads. The last column shows the number of screws.

To order pads, send the catalog number or name of the pads and the quantity to our e-mail: mail@evdanco-energy.com. You can also use the order form by clicking on the button "PRICE REQUEST" at the bottom of the page.

Size of pad Qty in Brake Block Screws size Qty of screws
8" x 1" x 12" 18 3/8" x 1 1/4" 64
3/8" x 1 1/2" 8

4-hole A.P.I. Drilled blocks

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