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Crown-Energy Brake Blocks for Drawworks

Brake Blocks for Crown-Energy drawworks

Brake blocks are mainly used in oil industry services. They equip the brake bands of the drawworks, air clutches of the different transmissions of the drilling rigs and other wellhead equipment.

The drawworks are the main component of the lifting equipment of a rotary drilling rig.

The drilling rig drawworks are equipped with high quality brake pads. Timely maintenance and replacement of brake pads will significantly reduce maintenance costs for Crown-Energy drilling rigs.

How to order brake pads for Crown-Energy drawworks

In the table, in the first column, you see the name of the drilling rig manufactured by Crown-Energy. The column on the right shows the brake pad dimensions for this drill. To place an order for brake pads for drilling winches, contact our office by phone +40 (345) 104-137 or send a request by e-mail mail@evdanco-energy.com

Each set of pads includes screws, plugs and wiper blocks (optional).

We manufacture brake pads for drawworks of all sizes and brands. Having our own production line allows us to create brake pads according to any drawings. With the help of our own warehouse, we are able to maintain a warehouse stock of brake pads for drilling winches and conveyors.

The EVDANCO-ENERGY team of specialists will help you choose the necessary brake pads and provide advice on installation and operation.

Cat. №DrawworksSizes
EVD010-001Crown-Energy 1000433938" x 1" x 12"
EVD010-002Crown-Energy 1000431538" x 1" x 12"
EVD010-003Crown-Energy 10004338910" x 1" x 12"
EVD010-004Crown-Energy 10003504910" x 1" x 12"
EVD010-005Crown-Energy 10003567012" x 1" x 12"
EVD010-006Crown-Energy 10003447211" x 1 1/8" x 12"
EVD010-007Crown-Energy 10003061612" x 1 1/8" x 12"

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